Separating My Content

Another huge site update! I’ll be separating my content on two websites.

I’ve owned and run this website for seven years, and the content continues to grow more and more! I started with, and even some of my older YouTube videos have that URL embedded as a watermark. A few years later I decided to grab since I was posting gaming stuff in addition to life blog updates, and I had hectormadrigal redirect to hxchector, given the fact that hXcHector is easier to type and remember. My hXc  Hector handle is also used on every one of my social media accounts. Then around 2015, I began adding Japanese content including actual Japanese language info, anime, cosplay, otaku encyclopedias, and more. All while this was happening I became surrounded in politics.

Politics has always been a divisive subject, but it seems more tribal in America. These days people are overly sensitive on both sides and cry if you just mention some political matter on an entertainment video or post. For that reason, and for some plans I have in the future, I decided to separate my content into two websites. will continue to have gaming and otaku content, while will have all my political content and important life updates. I’m still considering moving all life posts to, but I enjoy being close to my audience.