My name is Hector Madrigal and this is my very own website. Here you will find my thoughts and ideologies on various political and social issues.

Who am I? I’m just another citizen of California who is heavily into politics. Maybe one day I’ll even become a politician. I am not registered to any political party. I hope to remain an independent for the rest of my life without having to sell myself out to a corrupt brand.

If you’re looking for the content related to gaming, tech, and otaku material, you can find all of that at my other website: hXcHector.com


San Joaquin Delta College (2005 to 2020) – Stockton, California

  • Arts Humanities Social Science Associate in Arts – Summer 2017
  • English Associate in Arts – Spring 2018
  • Pre-Law Studies Certification – Spring 2019
  • Political Science Associate in Arts – Spring 2020