Responding to American Stereotypes #7 – More Politics and America’s War History

Yet another response to American Stereotypes. This time it got very political as I discuss America’s war history.

I went on Facebook, an internet forum, and a blogging platform and asked various non-Americans about the American stereotypes and rumors they’ve heard or shared. I wanted to collect as much as I could and respond to them in a video. I give my own opinions at first, and then do a little research for factual information at the bottom of the video — that is, if facts are needed.

In this video I respond to several statements from a single person:

“America has constantly broke their constitution as well. It’s also full of corrupt politicians who take bribes from the rich, including corporate business owners. The US government is constantly waging war, spending millions of dollars while they bully other countries, stick their noses into affairs that don’t involve them, sacrifice many American soldiers, bring their allies into wars that have no benefit for them, lie about bringing peace, and commit war crimes. They also deny their guilt for the bad things they commit to the world. Not to mention that they didn’t sign the Kyoto Protocal. They also don’t realize that they once supported the Islamic terrorists at one point, AKA, the Mujahedeen.”

“They also hate Communism, despite the fact that they supported Communist groups in World War 2, and even told the American public that Stalin was a good guy prior to the Cold War, calling him Good Old Joe. Israel is another good example. While the US has been bashing Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Libya, and Syria for different reasons like human rights and nukes, what about Israel? The Israeli government has been treating the Palestinians like dirty and they’re killing them on a constant basis. Even innocent civilians. And the Israelis have also developed nukes. What has the US done? Nothing. Why? Because Israel is their friend. The US doesn’t care about dictatorship as long as the dictator supports them. Take a look Mubarak. He’s a friend of the US, but he’s been oppressing the Egyptian people. Yet the US had been supporting him for a long while.”

“Vietnam is another good example. The people in South Vietnam were sick of Dinh Diem and wanted Communism. This was the will of the people. What did the US try to do? They tried to deny the Vietnamese people an escape from Diem, who was a dictator. And then we had the Vietnamese War, where thousands of Americans died for a losing war. They ended up dying because the US government was selfish.”

I will continue doing these as one of my American-based features in the future. If you’d like to contribute more stereotypes, feel free to leave a comment in this article or in the video’s comments section. It would be best if you’re not from the United States of America when adding stereotypes. And don’t forget to share this with your non-American friends so they can add some stereotypes as well!