Responding to American Stereotypes #1 – Fatness, Patriotism, and Igloos

I asked for American stereotypes, myths, rumors, and all that good stuff from non-american people. Here’s my response.

I went on Facebook, an internet forum, and a blogging platform and asked various non-american people about the American stereotypes and rumors they’ve heard or shared. I wanted to collect as much as I could straight from the horses’ mouths and respond to them in a video. I give my own opinions at first, and then do a little research for accurate cliff notes at the bottom of the video.

In my very first video I respond to the following questions and statements:

“Murrica is fat: not really a myth, but we’re ALSO fat. I mean, I dunno, I see a lot of fat people. Our McDonalds are super popular too.”

“I guess US people being very patriotic is kind of a stereotype? Like they think it’s the best country ever and/or are dismissive or ignorant of other countries.”

“Do Alaskans live in Igloos?”

I will continue doing these as one of my American-based features in the future. If you’d like to contribute more stereotypes, feel free to leave a comment in this article or in the video’s comments section. It would be best if you’re not from the United States of America when adding stereotypes. And don’t forget to share this with your non-American friends so they can add some stereotypes as well!