Memorial Day in the USA

Do you know about this somber US Holiday?

Memorial Day is a US holiday where everyone remembers those who have died serving in the military. So, you would think it’s a somber holiday, right? This holiday usually is very serious for those who have lost a family member, and for those in political or government positions, but for everyone else it’s usually just a relaxing holiday. Most families celebrate this holiday by getting together and doing summer things: barbecuing, swimming, and relaxing out back.

For this US-specific holiday, many people will display the US flag in their front yard. Many houses in the USA have small metal flag pole holders attached to the wall near their door or garage. Anyone can just go to a local store and buy a flag for the holder. However, if it’s raining you’re not supposed to fly the flag.

This holiday is always on the last Monday of May. Since it’s on a Monday, many people have three day weekends. Others might be forced to work because the company or business they work for runs Memorial Day sales.