I Got Fan Mail?!

I was stunned to find out that I received fan mail!

Three weeks ago I checked the mail and found some packages from Amazon addressed to me. At first I thought my sisters ordered something under my name, which has happened before. Then I wondered if I ordered something while dreaming and didn’t realize it. Neither were true.

I opened the package and saw that it was gift wrapped with some notes. It said “Hi Hector, enjoy your gift. From a fan.” The other “Enjoy your gift. From Hector.” Of course, I didn’t order it myself.

The package included The Wind Rises and Yuru Yuri season 1 on Blu Ray. About a week or so later I received another package with a box of Raspberry cookies! The note in the second package said “Your heart is like a melody. Your smile is my remedy. Enjoy your gift. From a fan.”

The thing that sort of worries me is the fact that I’ve never given my address out to anyone. I’m not sure how they shipped these to me. Maybe Amazon has a way around that without giving my address out? At least, that’s what I hope.

Either way, I’m incredibly grateful to receive anything. I never thought I’d get fan mail like this. I did sort of hope to get some donations through PayPal over the years since so many people use my strategy guides and it takes quite a lot of work and money to put them out. However, in the six years I’ve had a PayPal donation button on my website, I didn’t receive one penny until recently. I think the person who has given me a few donations is the same person that sent me these gifts. At least, that’s what I assume because the fan mail didn’t have any name on it what so ever!